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Our ​goal is to help you choose the perfect new addition to your family.  Under the More Info Tabs you will find information that will help make your decision easier!


Should I choose a girl or a boy?

The Girls vs Boys Tab will teach you the differences in temperament and the advantages of each gender. Remember early neuter is the key to an amazing companion!


What supplies do I need for my new toy breed puppy?

We have tried out hundreds of products, to help save you time and money we have decided to put together a page of products that we use and highly recommend. You can even click on the pictures and it will take you directly to the link to make purchasing easier.


Why do we recommend NuVet Plus?

NuVet Plus is a great product.... Especially for young puppies with no immune system; puppies to not have full immunity until 6 months of age. This makes them highly susceptible to contagious diseases and even vaccination reactions. Clinical studies have proven NuVet Plus boosts the immune system of puppies and lessons the negative reactions to vaccinations. It also helps reduce tear stains, balance sugar fluxuations, and they love the taste. The most important part of owning a toy breed puppy is to make sure they are eating to avoid sugar crashes, NuVet will help balance sugar and keep them eating because its so yummy! There are so many other benefits you can read about on out NuVet Plus Tab. 


Last but not least..... Keep up with what's coming next on our Blog!





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